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We were asked frequently to write about ​​ It’s more of a blog dedicated to substances, rather than a shop, but they sell goods anyway. According to the owners, products can be delivered to any location on the globe

saying their shipping functions incredibly well. They write on different substances and then sell such things as Aldactone, Avodar, Femara and so on. The full cost of the order is displayed at the checkout. However, recently we’ve read some suspicious and dubious stories about ​Steroidcorner​, and some people are completely unhappy with how it works, so our team decided to do some kind of experiment and find out is whether this site is fraudulent or legal.

First of all, the site does not look that way, because the design is awfully badly developed, and the owners do not seem to be bothered much by it, although the way it operates is not so bad. On their homepage you can find the link where you can leave a message for the support team, and they answer, but wait for their response for quite a long time. At the very bottom of the page there is a list, in which there are various options for making purchases of steroids and other different kinds of drugs.. The choice is really wide. We have been studying the website thoroughly, looking through various reviews in some legit blogs, and many people literally complained that it was a complete scam, they said that the site had deceived them and had not sent them any orders, and they advised their friends not to deal with from project, as it no longer seemed legitimate. On the one hand, the owners still claim that they are reliable suppliers. All of the above mentioned reasons made us look for or even seek an answer to this difficult question: is still worth it or turned into a dubious thing, known for its fraudulent activities. On the other hand, we did our best to stay objective and dispassionate to find out the truth and get to know what this project really is. People still wonder why this site hasn’t closed down yet, our further investigation is an answer for them. On their site (​​) our team ordered some Nolvadex to find out how the order is executed on the site. It took us a long time to wait, but we did our best to stay patient. Finally the box arrived twelve days later. It looked dubious. We took the goods to the lab and asked our specialists to check them. They turned out to be nothing but plain placebo pills. Once again we had to get to the support service, first they did everything possible to seem worthy, and answered our questions in a way, and then avoided giving an appropriate answer, then they did not seem to be willing to talk to us, did not tell us anything at all. It was the very moment we realized that nothing would be refunded, so we abandoned the idea to deal with this site anymore. And then the sellers did even apologized. They still move on with their dirty business anyway, so be careful! Apparently, this is fraud.

Finally, it’s time we must assume that this site is no longer legal. Reliability is not guaranteed. In any case, if you do not believe us, try the things we did on your own.

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