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Most people still don’t know what reliable sites there are on the Internet for them to buy some good steroids. ​​ is the first thing that comes to mind, but we ought o check whether this thing is truly legit. We heard it was not that bad, but no one has ever told us the site was reliable and legit, that made us become full of doubts, so we started our investigation of ​​. They describe themselves using neat words. Something like this.

“ ​Ghormone Biotech is a modern professional high-tech enterprise, which is specializing in research & development, manufacturing, and marketing for recombinant proteins/ peptide(raw materials and finished dosage) around world.

Sounds awfully hyporcritical, doesn’t it?

Above all, the site does not look like an attractive sho, because the design is terribly developed, and the owners do not appear bothering about aesthetics, although the way the site itself works is not so awful. On their home page you can find a link in which you can leave a message for the support team and they answer, but wait for a response for quite some time. You can even contact them via Skype, and that’s an interesting feature. On the left sidebar of the main page there is a list, in which there are various options for buying steroids and other types of drugs from HDH to Gonadorelin. The selection is not that impressive. We thoroughly studied the site, reread various reviews in some legitimate blogs, and many people literally complained that it was a complete scam, they said that the site had deceived them and had not sent them any orders, and they advised their pals and fellow steroid enthusiasts not to get involved into collaboration with the project. Because it no longer seemed to even look like a legitimate one. On the one hand, the owners still claimed that they are the type of suppliers that are worth being trusted in. All of the above mentioned factors forced us to seek or even find an answer to that incredibly complicated issue whether it is still in the game or has turned into a dubious thing, known for its fraudulent and dishonest actions. On the other hand, we have done our best to remain objective and in order to find out the truth and become sure of what type of thing it is.

People are still full of questions and want to know why this site is not yet closed, our further investigation is a good answer for them. On their website (​​), our team ordered some Melanotan II to learn how the order is executed on the site. It took us a long time, but we did our best to remain objective. Finally the box arrived in fourteen days. It looked strange. We

delivered the goods to the laboratory and asked our experts to test them. The products turned out to be nothing more than simple and useless fake pills. Once again we needed to contact the support service, first they did everything they could, and to some extent answered our questions, and then avoided giving an appropriate answer, then they did not seem to want to talk with us, not tell us nothing at all. At the same time we didn’t subscribe to their newsletters, but the site began sending us some spam in Chineese! It was the very moment when we realized that nothing could be made right, so we gave up the idea of trying to prove the idea of this site being a scam wrong. And then the sellers began totally ignoring us. Beware of them: the company from China is a scam that is spreading around the world at an incredibly swift velocity. Now we have absolutely no doubts that this project is a mere scam and nothing more!

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