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  • Payment
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  • Delivery is a pharmacy shop that’s operated online offering various substances for some extended muscle growth. They opened back in 2011. The shop works 24/7 to provide international shipping. As the owners claim, prodocts can be delivered to the US, Canda, Australia, and even some European and Asian countries quite fast. They sell many different types of substances, such as anabolic steroids, HGH hormones and Peptides, Insulin, Muscle relaxers, Antiestrogen & antiaromatize, Weight (Fat) loss and other anabolics. The complete order price is visible at the checkout. They also offer some free stuff, some samples are freebies and that’s kinda cool, but lately we’ve been hearing different shady stories about ​, ​and some people are absolutely dissatisfied with the way it works, therefore our team decided to do some research and find out whether this site is a scam or a legit one.

Above all, the site doesn’t look like it’s legit because the design is poorly developed, and the owners don’t seem to care about it that much, although its functioning is not that bad actually. At the bottom you can leave a message for the support team and they do answer, but it takes quite a long time to wait for their response. On the sidebar on the right side there is a list that features different options for you to do the shopping by brand. Alli, Balkan, Pharmaceutica, Bayer, British Dragon, Lilly, Paxil, Tedral SA India, etc. are available for you to choose. The choice is wide indeed. We have been exploring the website for a long time reading various reviews on some private forums, and many people literally complained it was a complete scam, they told the site deceived them and didn’t send them any orders, and they advised their friends to stay away from the project as it no longer seemed to be legit. Although the owners still claim they are certified suppliers. All those reasons mentioned above made us pursue or quest for an answer to that intricate issue: is ​still legit or it has turned into a dubious thing, notorious for its fraudulent activity. We ordered some Winstrol just to find out how order are carried out on the site. It took us a lot of time to wait, but we didn’t receive anything, we waited for another week, then we contacted the support team, and they told us our Winstrol was in the process of delivering and that we should be patient and wait for some more time, there must be some technical issues, but the problem number one that bothered us the most that by that time we had already paid for our order because the shop requires its customers to pay in advance and somehow it fails to fulfill its commitments, and the products are not delivered. Once again we had to hit the support team, at first they did their best to seem decent and answered our questions in a general way, then avoided giving a relevant reply, then they were reluctant to communicate with us, didn’t write anything at all. That was the point we realized nothing would be delivered, so we gave up on this site. And later the sellers didn’t do anything to deliver us our order. Obviously, it is a scam.

In conclusion, we have to assume that this site is not legit anymore. It’s reliability is not guaranteed. Anyway, if you don’t believe us, try everything out for yourself.

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